A quick Drammy catch up, and the Rogue Awards continue

Artists Rep blondies from Pastrygirl

We have been stupendously busy at Drammy Towers seeing a bunch of extraordinarily good theatrical productions of all kinds here in Portland (not to mention catching up on the final episodes of Dexter, Breaking Bad, Broadchurch, and The Newsroom…wow, wow, and double wow!). Then, of course, we have given a fair amount of time to drumming up support for our Facebook page (thank you, thank you, for helping us achieve our personal goal of over 500 page “likes!”) and to beefing up our email list here on this website. Thank you enormously to all of you who have subscribed. It really does help both you and us.

But we just haven’t had a spare minute for our Rogue Awards. Time to remedy that…and first we have to apologize for the absolutely appalling quality of today’s photograph, which I took myself. The irony is that today’s item is probably (and I know I shouldn’t say this ahead of time!) going to be my all-time winner. I had to snap it myself, with my phone, in semi-darkness. Usually some clever chappie like fellow Drammy Committee member Tim Stapleton takes these pictures for me. Oh, for his skills, or the skills of an Owen Carey, Gary Norman, or Win Goodbody  (who took most of the excellent photographs that appear on this site). Alas, this will have to do.

The item nominated (by me) today is the absolutely AMAZING blondie bar that is exclusively (I believe) available at Artists Repertory Theatre. The example pictured here was one of only two remaining when I snapped it up (in all senses of the word); they sell like, well, hot cakes, except they are cold. These delectable, melt-in-the mouth concoctions are provided by Pastrygirl (who also makes those lavender shortbread cookies pictured…and nominated…a few days ago as an example of pre-show snacks in the Shoebox theatre for Northwest Classical Theatre Company, so master baker Laura Widener looks set for a good deal of recognition when decision time comes.

Look out for the blondie bars! Their outsides are slightly crisp; their middles are squishy and soft; their sweetness is offset by the crunch of walnuts.

And do let us know….here, or at pdxdrammys@gmail.com…if you have a pre-show snack favorite of your own. All public nominations are accepted.

And I feel so bad about my blondie photo that I am posting a picture of a totally brilliant Pastrygirl cake, just to be fair (this one is NOT a pre-show snack, okay?)

Pastrygirl cake

See you at the theatre!



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