Drammy eligibility requirements: a quick update



This is really just a quick update to yesterday’s news about our new policy requirements, and specifically about safe wheelchair access. We felt a mere comment to yesterday’s info might be overlooked, so here is the clarification, in a whole new post.

Although our DRAMMY season runs from mid-May to mid-May (as we have now mentioned several times, shows still running at the mid-May point will be considered for the FOLLOWING season), for the purposes of safe wheelchair accessibility, we are considering 9/1/2014 as our start date. This is in order to give companies their summer break (“Break? What break?” I hear you say!) to undertake the necessary work.  So after the first of September 2014, we won’t consider productions in places that are not “safe-wheelchair-compliant.”

Please remember that this will apply to site-specific productions as well. And that “wheelchair accessibility” doesn’t mean plonking people down in places where they can’t really see or hear, despite technically being “in” the theatre. (Is “plonking” a real word, you ask? Sounds good to me! I believe it gets its message across, no?).

We’d be happy to answer questions. Please direct all and any to pdxdrammys@gmail.com

See you in the theatre!  Thank you for your understanding, and your compliance!

PS Remember also that from 1 January , shows must offer NINE (9) performances, not including previews, to be considered eligible.

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