Drammy Committee: a Couple of Policy Changes


If you take a closer look at this website, you will see that we have tidied up our ABOUT page somewhat (though there is still more work to do). But perhaps MORE importantly for now, we did make a couple of relatively small but EXTREMELY important policy changes at our last meeting, on Monday 23 September, 2013.  They involve:

  • Wheelchair access, and
  • Number of performances required for a show to be eligible.

Neither comes into effect immediately, but the number of performances applies from 1 January, 2014, and the safe wheelchair access from the beginning of the 2014-2015 season.

Additionally, I do want to remind you that as of THIS season, shows must have closed by mid-May for consideration THIS year (hitherto, we have considered productions  that were still running mid-May so long as they had had at least 8 performances. This led to some confusion. Now, if shows are still running in mid-May, they will be considered in the following season).

I’m going to copy and paste the relevant section of that ABOUT page here. If you are reading this on Facebook or Twitter (or wherever you are reading it), PLEASE take the time to sign up to our email list HERE, so that you get any such information directly into your email inbox (and encourage your friends to do likewise). I promise we will not send messages too frequently, though we will do occasional posts, sometimes serious, often lighthearted,  to keep us in your thoughts.  We do plan to use this as our sole communication vehicle as soon as that seems viable (though we will continue to link to Facebook and Twitter, when those links work). You can see the sign up link at the top right of this page, just under the Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr links.

As always, if you have questions, please write to us at pdxdrammys@gmail.com

Here is the extract, with the new items in boldface, for your convenience.


For the awards to be as inclusive as possible, the Drammy Committee currently maintains the following requirements for consideration:

  • The production is locally produced. Company members may come from out of town, but the production itself must be developed here. We define “local” as within in the Portland city limits. The only exceptions  (for historical reasons) are Lakewood Theatre and Broadway Rose; both of these companies also widen our ability to include musical theatre in our awards process.
  • The production runs locally for at least EIGHT (8)  performances, not including previews. PLEASE NOTE THAT AS OF JANUARY 1, 2014, we will require that productions hold a MINIMUM of NINE (9) performances (not including previews) to be eligible for Drammy consideration. 
  • The producing company provides two complimentary tickets per Drammy Committee member. Committee members are sensitive to ticket availability and will request one ticket per member for selling-out shows and small spaces so as not to displace paying customers.
  • Revivals may be considered for awards if there are substantial changes from the original production, e.g., new cast, new design, significant script revisions, etc.
  • NEW REQUIREMENT: Starting in the 2014-2015 season, we will no longer attend shows in locations without safe wheelchair access. Companies wishing to know more about these requirements should contact the RACC and Oregon Arts Commission for assistance in understanding and meeting the standards. 
  • Given our limited resources, we have also chosen not to cover productions that are a direct product of a school curriculum, nor genres of opera, readers’ theatre, performance art, cabaret, sketch comedy, improvisation and movement or dance theatre.


See you at the theatre! Thank you for all your excellent work.

One thought on “Drammy Committee: a Couple of Policy Changes

  1. Hey, thanks for second reminder post on Yahoo :). Have another great tried n true way to get more people to sign up, said the Marketing Diva – lemme know if you want feedback :). Best to you!

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