First Drammy Committee meeting…imminent! And we are going rogue!

blondie bar

We are pretty excited over here at Drammy Towers. Our first committee meeting of the new season is coming up on Monday, 23 September, and we can’t wait to discuss the thirty or so productions that are already on our books from this mid-May to mid-September period.  For those of you who don’t realize this, we do hold five meetings over the course of each year, at which we discuss (and nominate) all aspects of all shows we have seen so far. Those nominated shows/actors/techies/designs/musical performers/original scripts/etc etc and whatnot are all added together at the end of the year (mid-May, for us) and we discuss and decide the final outcome on Memorial Day Monday (with a follow-up evening two days later). I know some people think we do everything at the end of the year, but that really isn’t the case. We keep very full records of who thought what and when, and what was nominated and seconded and by whom, and all that plays a huge part in the final decisions. We intend to publish here, next Tuesday or Wednesday,  the list of all productions we discuss this coming Monday (remember that they will have had to CLOSE by then, to be part of the discussion, so don’t look for anything that is still running).

It will be the first time the full new committee gets together for a proper meeting (we had a “bonding barbecue” over the summer, but did very little business there), although doubtless some folks won’t make it because of rehearsals and other theater-type commitments (many of our members are working artists). But they will be sending in lists of the shows they have seen, and their nominations, with a proxy, so their voices will be heard.

And of course not ALL of us can discuss all shows, which means that with a bunch of theater people there is much coming and going from the wonderful conference room we are allowed to use in the hallowed halls of Tonkon Torp, LLP, the fabulous law firm that is generous enough to accommodate  us. If we have even the slightest connection to a production, or a family member with (even the slightest) connection to a production, we have to recuse ourselves and leave the room for any discussions, and are NEVER allowed to discuss or vote on those productions/nominations at any point.

As at all our meetings, there will, of course, be some discussion of policy. We really try, over and over and over again, to consider how best to celebrate Portland theater. Among the most contentious items that come up all the time is, of course, the notion of whether the current system (up to four award winners in any category, with no pre-announced nominations) is the best one. Opinions within the committee AND in the wider community are as varied as there are people holding them (though of course we decide through democratic decision-making processes and then stick to those decisions within any given year). And there are many such decisions to be made.

Meanwhile, however, this writer has decided that in one aspect of this award system, she is going to go rogue. Oh yes! You are going to see right here a whole new category, with nominations, and invitations to nominate, and even a “People’s Choice” (something that we can’t do for live theater because…unless your name is Kay Olsen...most people are unlikely to see a sufficiently representative sample). A word of warning, however. This category is extremely unlikely to receive an ACTUAL award on Drammy Day (chances are slim to none, and Slim is out of town!).

So yes, this girl just wants to have fun.

As to what the category is…well, this blog post is too long already for us to talk about it here. But the picture posted at the top is a clue. Anybody take a guess?

Tomorrow, or the day after, we will reveal our mischievous intentions, so if you want to be sure to find out, please sign up to our email list on this webpage and/or like our Facebook page, if you haven’t already. Thanks!

Meanwhile, see you at the theatre!

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