Drammy Awards: The Missing Year…found?

1994 drammy awards

By Jove! I think I’ve got it!

I need to speak quietly. I have made so many mistakes on Facebook this morning that I am afraid to make a fool of myself yet again (Bob Hicks, Angie Jabine,  et al…please say my secret is safe with you! Al is the one I trust least). But I truly believe I have discovered why we called last year’s Drammy Award Celebration the 34th, when by proper counting methods it was actually the 35th of that ilk.

Let me explain my theory. And then I promise faithfully I will stop rabbiting on about this whole deal.

I began by looking up Barry Johnson‘s claim from yesterday that he was on the committee for the THIRD annual awards. He said, “My first year on the committee was the next season, culminating in the the THIRD ANNUAL Willie/Drammy Awards, and our contentious group argued for HOURS over the relative merits of THE MIKADO, BURIED CHILD and ASHES. Believe it or not, I remember them pretty darn well…” And sure enough, when I looked at the PAST WINNERS page on this site, I found he was correct. Those shows figured in the third ceremony, in 1982, though it is labeled “Second Annual” here because of that crazy 0-th (zero-th).  So I went on looking…

…and presently I found myself scrabbling among old newspaper clippings and ancient programs, and for the first time came across the program from 1994, pictured above. See what it says?  It claims to be the FIFTH annual Drammy Award program. The FIFTH. Because (drum roll please!) the WILLIES became the DRAMMYS ten years after the WILLIES started in 1979! And this program is for the fifth DRAMMY ceremony.

Big deal you say? Yes, because you will find that it is labeled on this site as the FIFTEENTH. And why is that? Because some right-brained person like me at some point in time decided that the Drammys and the Willies should be seen as one continuous celebration, and because the Drammys had been going for five years, and the Willies for ten before that, simply added five to ten and got fifteen. But it should have been SIXTEEN, shouldn’t it? They forgot to add that very first year!

Yikes. Now I have totally exhausted myself. But I think I have found the answer, no?

Meanwhile, over at Drammy Towers, we will still have to decide how to label the next ceremony (interestingly, not many of the early programs show more than the actual year of the awards, rather than the ordinal number) and whether we will go with Bob Hicks’ brilliant suggestion from yesterday. I hope we do.

For now, we shall just have to agree that mistakes were made (sounds like a good title for a show, no?).  And that, no matter what we call it, this season promises to give us A Very Good Year.

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