“The First Annual Retroactive 35th and Concurrent 36th Annual Drammy Awards.” Do we dare? Do we dare?

Big Black Lipstick Drammy Award



Well, yesterday’s confession of mathematical inadequacy certainly led to a fun-filled discussion on Facebook (you can see it here), along with several splendid suggestions as to how we might cover the fact that we seem to have missed a year, or jumped a year, or simply mislabeled our years, over here at Drammy Towers. Will we dare to go with Bob Hicks’ brilliant suggestion for the 2014 Drammy Awards ceremony, as per the title to this blog post? I guess we will decide as a committee, perhaps at our upcoming meeting on September 23. Although I have to say that something in Barry Johnson’s mysterious math-filled comment on that thread is bothering me. He says, ” I remember MC-ing the Willies/Drammies, Season 2, and I’m pretty sure we called it the 2nd annual Willie Awards, though I’d have to dig out my old Fresh Weeklies to find out for sure. Well, no I wouldn’t. I’m SURE it was the second annual, because it was the SECOND one, though it spanned parts of THREE years.”  Does this mean that the Second Annual was more of a Biennial (in the sense of every TWO years, not of two per year)? So did we NOT miss a year after all? Should we simply be talking of the More-or-Less Annual Drammy Awards? I am maybe hoping that Barry WILL dig out his old Fresh Weeklies. Or perhaps I’m hoping that he won’t. Some mysteries are best left unsolved. It’s more fun that way.

Meanwhile, we are posting here the picture of the Big Black (Lipstick) Doorstop Award (some have invented ruder descriptions), partly because it reminds us of the eerie black block in the movie 2001, and thus attaches itself to a symbolically significant year, but also because…da da da da  DAH (theme from Twilight Zone)…it mysteriously has NO year engraved upon it. (I suspect that is because it is actually a flawed artifact and was never used…but who knows? Perhaps it is an award given in THE YEAR THAT TIME FORGOT)

So, will 35 and 36 be “smushed” into one (Mead Hunter’s technical term for what we should do)? Watch this space  (and better yet…sign up to our email list to be FIRST TO FIND OUT)!

Of course this mischievous writer thinks it might also be fun to ask readers to suggest what MIGHT have happened in the missing year (whichever time-forgotten year we decide that should be). Any ideas? Come on! How about…In Missing Drammy Year X  EVERYBODY WINS AN AWARD. Or NOBODY WINS AWARDS (well, I suppose that would be true, by default, for the serious-minded among us). I know some of you might be longing to say “DRAMMY COMMITTEE KEEPS ALL AWARDS FOR ITSELF,” but now that I’ve said it for you, you don’t need to, right?! So please let us know…wittily, wisely, playfully, respectfully… what you think MIGHT have happened, in the year the Drammys never were.


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