Drammys unmasked!

1993 Drammy award


Yikes!  I can’t believe we forgot the MASKS ON STICKS in our list of Drammy Award forms yesterday.  Here is Drammy committee member Tim Stapleton’s award from 1992-1993 (for set design for Snake in the Vein).  I can’t decide whether I think these masks are cool, or merely scary. You? I still like the puppets best of all (well, duh!). Do you have a favorite?

Anyway, we  think we probably now have access to ALL the various forms of the awards   that have been given since our inception.   So you may stand down, as far as the photo shoot is concerned ;-).

We would still, however, love to have pictures of awards from every year that the Drammys and/or Willies have been going  (and you may be interested to learn how many years that REALLY is…but that is for another day!). So please, please, please send me pictures.

On another subject, we think we have finally managed to link this webpage not only to Facebook but also to Twitter, so you should be able to follow us there @drammyawards. Our account was briefly suspended, but seems to be back up and running after we appealed. I am assuming it was for copyright reasons…and that too is a story for another day.

So much to write about! But even more importantly, so many productions to enjoy! See you in the theatre! We are excited.

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