Bring out your awards!

Willie Award 1979

Sorry, lovely people. Turns out we have just ONE more plea (for now!). We would love to gather together all forms of awards that have been given by the Drammys (or Willies) over the years for a photo shoot. We don’t want ALL awards, nor even an award for every year (though that would be fun too, at some point). Just an example of each type of award every given. Can you help?

The forms we know of are these:

  • The puppet (pictured above);
  • The certificate (perhaps the least photogenic…but we don’t have one available to use, and would LOVE to borrow one)
  • The big black tubular affair that reminds ME of the big black block in the movie 2001, sort of, but that Darr Durham, our fearless leader, sees as a large lipstick (some have used it as a doorstop, I am told);
  • The sort of iceberg one that is pictured on our home page on this website;
  • The TALL crystal with stars;
  • The shorter crystal with stars (as in Jack Featheringill’s Lifetime Award, which we pictured the other day);  and
  • (in a slightly different category, the B. Joe Medley puppet, which I have in custody).

We think we know how to access SOME of these, because people have been kind enough to send pictures of old awards in situ for use on our Facebook page (and please send MORE of those!), so we might be nagging them for a very temporary loan (thank you for “liking” us there on FB, those of you who have…and please feel free to “like” us, if you haven’t…we like YOU, already). But the certificate, the iceberg,  and the tall crystal with stars elude us completely.

Please help! You can contact us here, or at  We will be ever so grateful.  Thank you.

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