A few Drammy pleas!

And so the Fall Season is upon us (though there has been so much summer theatre, both indoors and outdoors, it’s hard to tell where an old season ends and a new one begins)! So today, a few pleas:

1. PLEASE like our Drammy Awards Facebook page! You can find us at http://tinyurl.com/la9er8f

I know  it seems weird asking to be “liked,” but the more “likes” we have, the easier it is to spread news of who we are, what we do, and why we do it. So even if you don’t actually LIKE the Drammys, the more you “like” our pages, the more you will come to understand WHY you don’t like us (and please tell us! We want to know. And maybe we can even change those frowns to smiles? Here’s hoping).

2. PLEASE take a few minutes to explore this website,   where you will find that…although we have been preoccupied over at Drammy Towers this summer, for sure…we have updated quite a few things, including our names and bios. We have added links to past committees, and past winners, and other cool stuff (including notes about eligibility and what not). And while you are here….

3. PLEASE add your email addresses to our subscriber list (it’s free, of course…and those addresses will NEVER be shared). That way you will receive our very, very occasional blogposts. We solemnly promise that these will be OCCASIONAL. But we dream (yes, Drammers can be dreamers too) of using the site for the bulk of our publicity needs, so that we don’t have to inundate your inboxes at Ceremony time, for example.

4. And finally, PLEASE communicate with us whenever you have something to ask or tell. Reach us here, on Facebook, or at pdxdrammys@gmail.com. This includes ESPECIALLY those new companies who may have “drammy eligible” (see website) shows, and who should therefore be on our radar. We do scurry around (Drammers are happy scurriers) trying to make sure we are aware of everything, but there are so MANY companies, and so many NEW companies, we are always afraid of missing a few. Let us know, okay? Or get your friends to let us know.

I am sure we will have more to ask as the season progresses. But that’s enough for now. See you at the theatre! We are as excited as YOU are! Come to think of it, we ARE you! (But more of that anon). Break legs, you wonderful people!

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