Jack’s photo

And now…although we will carry him forever in our hearts…. the wonderful Celebration of Life for our dear friend and colleague Jack Featheringill has come and gone. What a joyous time, really, it was.   Such a treat to see all his old playbills, newspaper cuttings, and photographs, and even more, to hear his voice and see that wonderful slideshow compiled by Josh Fuhrer and Lana Veenker (surely a labor of love, if ever there was one). And of course to bask in stories from other old friends and family members. We were glad that his time on the Drammy Committee was honored, along with everything else, and memorialized in the words of our chairperson, Darr Durham.  An unforgettable evening.  Our thanks to all involved.

Speaking of photographs, we have just learned that the picture that has been used most of the time to talk of Jack’s celebration, both here and in social media, and even in the Oregonian obituary, was taken by Gary Gumanow. Time to give credit where it’s due! Thank you, Gary! Here it is, just once more. Lovely. Thank you, thank, you, thank you.

Jack Featheringill

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